6407458C - Symmetra SYBT5 Board Restoration Process

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Allows you to install fresh batteries in your existing SYBT5 case without performance loss.

We Install:

  • Current Year Prefix
  • Default Fault State
  • Default Shunt Value
  • Unique Serial #

How It Works

  • You remove your existing 6407458 internal board inside the SYBT5 shell case
  • You pack it up and send them to us
  • We test each board
  • We reprogram each board with default values and new serial number
  • We retest board in working symmetra
  • We send you back the boards

What is included

  • Labor to test and reprogram chip
  • Two thermal white labels to affix to your case

Value Settings

  • Serial number will be formatted:   Prefix [GL] + Year [19] + Week [10,20.30 or 40] + [R] + 5digit sequence
  • Shunt will be set for 9ah battery
  • Manufacture Date will be match serial number
  • Custom serial #s and custom information can be added