SMART5000TEL3U ~ Tripplite Smart 5kva Telco (5000va, 208v, 3U) Refurb.

Was: $1,599.00
Now: $899.00
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Compact 5kva unit w/500w of 120volt outlets for small loads

Ideal for server room that needs both high voltage for servers and low voltage for monitors, web appliances, etc.

Includes: Main unit with bezel and rack ears.  (Rail Kit, netcard, manual sold separately)

  • UPS Technology:Line Interactive
  • Input Voltage:208volt (see specs for ranges)
  • Output Voltage:208(120)volt
  • Capacity - Battery:1008vah
  • Runtime:20mins (@ half load)
  • Dimensions:5.2'' x 17.5'' x 25'' (W x H x L)
  • Weight:123lbs
  • Color:Black
  • MSRP: $3213