SYBester1 - Field Tester for APC SYBTU1 Battery Trays

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Ships at the end of January 2021

Quickly Measure, Check and Determine the status of any APC SYBTU1 type battery tray.

Simply plug in the SYBester into the back of the SYBTU1 tray and its immediately gives you the Voltage, Thermister value, and Battery Class Resistor Value.

Developed by Robert Furmanak as a quick tool to use around the GreenLightUPS shop.

from his original LinkedIn Post:
We test and rebuild a lot of SYBT batteries, and we needed a more efficient way of checking them. Having a technician insert voltmeter probes into the battery terminals is inefficient and error-prone, and a custom cable to connect a standard voltmeter to the battery terminals is only slightly better, for the technician would still have to make 3 separate measurements. The tech would also have to switch between reading resistance and voltage. The testers I designed make the task much easier, and they are inexpensive to make. 



  • Works on all generations of APC Symmetra PX (SYBU1-PLP, SYBTU2-PLP) batteries  (including Smart-UPS VT, AIS, and Galaxy 3500 batteries)
  • Measure voltage from 20-125volts  (completely dead batteries wont read anything)
  • Measure Thermister values to confirm safe operation between 8-10ohms
  • Measure R battery class value to confirm V66, C10, B20, G35 type battery class
  • High quality Anderson type Powerpole® terminals for 10,000s of quick connections


  • REQUIRES Minimum 20vdc to activate
  • VOLTAGE:  20-125 VDC
  • THERMISTER:  8-10 ohms
  • RESISTANCE: 5-35 ohms


  • DIMENSIONS:   6.00" x 1.75" x 4.25"
  • WEIGHT:  1.2lbs
  • MATERIALS:   Plastic Condulette body

NOTICE:  This item is in production.   Specifications may change

APC®, Symmetra®, Smart-UPS® SYBTU1-PLP are trademarks of Schneider Electric.   Powerpole® is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.