UPSdown Signal Device - APC 2nd Generation Card Kit

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Get a visual alert when your UPS goes on battery or has a fault with the UPSdown line of beacons from GreenLightUPS.

Simple to deploy, Simple to understand, Simple to act on!



Simply plug in the pre programmed card into your UPS communication port.   Next place the red beacon on top of your UPS or anywhere someone can see it.  Finally connect the communication cable and your UPSdown is working.

It will activate the strobe if the UPS is on battery or has any number of fault conditions.

Its self powered, so it will alert if if the unit crashes off.



Each UPS is different, so there are multiple UPSdown models.

SIGSYM - This kit is for APC Symmetra LX units that have a 2nd smart slot that can be used for special communication. 

SIG19 - This replaces your existing APC 1st Generation network card (AP961x) with a special network/relay card.

SIG31 - This replaces your existing APC 2nd Generation network card (AP961x) with a new AP9631 card and a separate AP9810 relay module.

SIGR - This is the add on relay beacon kit if you have an existing AP9631 card.

SIGx - This works with any system.  You tell us the brand, and we program the card



All kits include a self-powered Red Beacon, connection cable, long life battery and pre - programmed relay NC/NO logic script and manual

SIG31 includes: Beacon, AP9631 Network Card (programmed to your network!), APC Relay module, Cable,